"U" MOTEL is corporate entity registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Singapore. The Unique Entity Number (UEN) is 50644400K. The UEN issue date is 10 September 2008, Wednesday. The entity type is BN - Business. The street name is . The postal code is . The UEN status is D-Deregistered.

"U" MOTEL - ,

Entity Name"U" MOTEL
Entity TypeBN-Business
Registered Street Name
Registered Postal Code
UEN Issue Date10 September 2008, Wednesday
Issuance AgencyACRA
StatusD - Deregistered
Age Of Business11 Years, 10 Months, 2 Days
Email Address[Show_Email_ID]
Phone Number[Show_Phone]
Website [Show_Website]
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No Of Employee (Team Size) -

Location On Map - ,


1. What is UEN of "U" MOTEL?
Ans: "U" MOTEL UEN is 50644400K.

2. What is entity type of "U" MOTEL?
Ans: "U" MOTEL entity type is BN-Business.

3. Where is "U" MOTEL located?
Ans: "U" MOTEL located at .

4. What is postal code of "U" MOTEL?
Ans: "U" MOTEL postal code is .

5. What is UEN issue date of "U" MOTEL?
Ans: "U" MOTEL UEN issue date is 10 September 2008, Wednesday.

6. What is current status of "U" MOTEL?
Ans: "U" MOTEL status is ACRAD - Deregistered.

7. What is age of "U" MOTEL from UEN issue date?
Ans: "U" MOTEL age from UEN issue date 10 September 2008, Wednesday is 11 Years, 10 Months, 2 Days.

8. What is email address of "U" MOTEL?
Ans: "U" MOTEL email address is [Show_Email_ID].

9. What is phone number of "U" MOTEL?
Ans: "U" MOTEL phone number is [Show_Phone].

10. What is website of "U" MOTEL?
Ans: "U" MOTEL website is [Show_Website].


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